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Luxury Privileges Partner of Starwood Hotels

Haiku Hospitality has been appointed as the first Luxury Privileges Partner of Starwood Hotels

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Traveller Made

We are members of the exclusive invitation-only Network Community of Luxury Travel Designers, which allows us to give you access to unique, exclusive and bespoke journeys. We collaborate with destinat...

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Deals With Haiku

We at Haiku love deals. Below are some of the deals that we can offer

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posted on 15th Jun 2015

Taj Benefits

Taj Benefits

Haiku Guests will benefit from, at all Taj Hotels:

 The ‘Best Available Rate’ (BAR), which is the best rate of the day that is available

 Complimentary Breakfast

 Upgrades subject to availability

 Early check-ins and Late check-outs subject to availability

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